Dennis Ferrer kicked off decks in incident

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Dennis Ferrer kicked off decks in incident

Dennis Ferrer has been kicked off the decks in an incident at a Miami Nightclub.

For those who may not know, Ferrer is a veteran of soulful house music production who has worked with the likes of Masters at Work (MAW), Little Louie Vega, the Martinez Brothers and many other notable New York producers and DJs. Dennis is also the founder of Objektivity record label. With over 100,000 followers on Facebook and a legendary discography, the next paragraph is going to blow your mind!

It appears that the famous Mansion nightclub in Miami will have none of this “non commercial house music”. In an attempt to educate the crowd, the veteran went out to play some proper house with an overwhelming response against just that. Is this a sign of the times or has EDM become mixed up in a pathetic club world run by a music mafia? Dennis Ferrer Set Pulled

Props to Dennis Ferrer, the dance community is behind you!

(Props to Spenda C for the news grab!)

This kind of all reminds me of that time Steve Angello got kicked off his decks by Paris Hilton. Lucky Ferrer isn’t like DJ Outlaw 

Update: Check out article on the aftermath of the incident



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