Deadmau5: ‘The coolness is gone’

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Deadmau5: ‘The coolness is gone’


Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 has never been afraid of speaking his mind, be it on Facebook about his severe depression to his relaxed nature towards mainstream EDM where he once stated;

“It seems that EDM has been deemed fashionable enough these days to warrant its own long overdue prime time slot to the masses.” adding “This concept, if anything, is going to catapult the awareness of EDM through the roof.’

He added some counter-comment recently in an interview with Carson Daly speaking of how he misses the ‘cool’ underground nature of dance music.

Saying: “The thing that upsets me with these shows is, the coolness is gone. In Toronto, I would buy some dodgy ass ticket, get on the bus and just hope that the police don’t bust this one.”

“I’ll never be able to legally recreate that kind of thing. But that’s something I miss.”

The Grammy performer seems like he’s trying to keep things ‘cool’. “I’ve turned down some hilarious things lately. I can’t say what. I’ve been playing this bullshit game for a while, so I know how it works. Let’s just say, some of the biggest acts in the world, like, bigger than big. But, dude, I can’t do it,” he said.

“I just want to ruin it for the next influx. With any fucking luck, creativity will prevail,” he added.

With such a big following we hope he can somehow re-ignite the underground culture that once was.

via Mixmag


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