Cypress Hill and Rusko premier first video

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Cypress Hill and Rusko premier first video

Cypress Hill x Rusko

Five weeks after legendary Hip Hop pioneers Cypress Hill announced a collaboration with UK dubstep DJ/Producer Rusko, comes the first video from the self-titled EP with “Roll It, Light It”.

Cypress Hill front man Sen Dog stated “I think dubstep is a natural progression of hip-hop, Especially the way that we formulated it with Rusko, there’s definitely some roughness to it.”

With B-Real adding “We’ve always been the type of group to take chances on doing something radically different than what people expect from us. So this carries with the tradition of us going out of the box. If it’s not something that we embrace then we don’t dare mess with it and this is something we fell right into the pocket of.”

The 5 track EP will be released in April.

At least it’s not Bieber on Dubstep or Pete Wentz on electro house :/


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