Best DJ Fails

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Best DJ Fails

No matter how good a dj or producer you think you are, every single one of you can relate to that drunken moment where everything turns sour during that faithful day at that red faced set moment. Like a right of passage we have all been there, so we would like to take a look back at what we believe to be the best DJ fails on the internet at the moment!

8. Half way through Tiesto‘s Brisbane set at Stereosonic in 2010, he invited Calvin Harris on stage. Harris proceeded to poor a bottle of champagne on the man and…. ummmm. The mixer as well. Oops!

7. A lesson in losing your balance

6. To be honest… This is more of a win. DJs can’t really smash their guitars because they don’t play them and god forbid you would smash your precious mac book. Thankfully Skrillex has done what we all sometimes dream about. Smashing his Macbook post gig with a little help from friend Deadmau5

5. I don’t know if Aoki has got the mood of this day time event right, but I definately cringed a few times watching this! I know he is trying to be all different but yeah it just goes screetchy beyond the screetchy unwritten time line of screetchiness

4. This wasn’t so much a fail in terms of djing for Crookers, however this acts as visual proof that if you don’t have the aerodynamics of Steve Aoki’s hair, don’t bother attempting to stage dive. White man really can’t jump

3. Bless his mousey head and soul. Deadmau5 is half way through a progressive house banger when he hits the crowd with a delicious dob of silence. Rather than fix the situation it appears he spends his time just taking the piss out of himself while a slow melodic start to a track builds back in.

2. Biggie Smalls DJ got zero skills on the ones and twos right now!!

1. Oh man, tutorials on how to not DJ. Hilarious but painful to watch at the same time. Reminds you that there are people out there that really have no idea with whats going on in the world. Thats the reason it gets number 1.

Please tell your stories of DJ failure (and videos) in the comment section of this post! Let’s all shed a tear of laughter!


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