Aftermath of Dennis Ferrer Miami club incident

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Aftermath of Dennis Ferrer Miami club incident

Dennis Ferrer has disclosed some more details including the tracks he played in the incident at Miami’s Mansion nightclub on the Deep House Page forums.

“Gettin’ taken off decks is quite a sobering and humbling experience and one I shall not want to be repeated,” Ferrer wrote on Monday. “It seems as though it was what it was. Kinda funny in the end.”

Ferrer also disclosed the tracks that weren’t considered *cough* “commercial enough” by Mansion:

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Jamie Jones Remix)
Phil Weeks – Jack to my Groove
Subb-an’s – This Place (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

He also spoke of the incident being dealt with in at least a respectable way, “I threw my hands up and got asked to be off after around 40 minutes…no harm no foul..I laughed..tweeted.. got over my initial anger and kept it moving.

“Sad though to see tons of beautiful young people being force fed what I tend to believe is a misrepresentation of the EDM culture. But wtf.. who am I to say what sounds good and doesn’t…everyone has got opinions like they have what again?”

Opium group, the owners of Mansion nightclub are yet to respond.

Judging by the support on our previous article, this won’t be happening again to Ferrer. The people have spoken!


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