Deadmau5 dealing with ‘severe depression’

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Deadmau5 dealing with ‘severe depression’

Deadmau5 Depression

Seems like even with the recent announcement of ‘Deadmau5 Day’ in the city of Las Vegas, EDM gurner Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) is suffering with ‘severe depression’ and anxiety.

The confession was solidified in a recent video when the producer was speaking freely on the cost and culture behind modern dance festivals with Ultra Music taking most of the brunt, with Joel commenting on exclusive contracts, big egos and the usual hoo-har that revolves around Festival politics (gotta make them dollars).

“Five hundred and ninety-nine f—ing dollars for a ticket?” he added about the VIP ticket prices. “Wow, someone is laughing to the bank.”

What led up to the comments surrounding the depression and anxiety was a Facebook update touching on the difficult year the mau5 has had, posting on New Years Eve;

“Anyway, just gunna wrap up these shows this year n try to have a little fun,”


“I’ve been dealing with severe depression and anxiety all year. Taking a long time off after my birthday to hopefully get it sorted out before I say or do anything more stupid than I already have.”

If Joel does take some off we can only see this as a good thing for his creativity and mind.

Cheer up buddy!


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