The 2 Bears to release debut album on DFA

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The 2 Bears to release debut album on DFA

The 2 Bears have announced that their debut album ‘Be Strong’, will be released early next year on DFA Records.

The duo made up of Hot Chips Joe Goddard and Greco-Roman Soundsystems head dude Raf Daddy have been transcending genres producing everything from minimal-tech to UK Funky in the past months in a steady build of presence and fans – even touring for the recent Stereosonic Festival in Australia.

The uniqueness and limitless sounds pose that DFA Records really is the most suitable home for 2 bears.

Although fans of the bear costumes be warned, what comes with more shows is a bigger image and plainly put more trips to the zoo as Joe so elequently put it in a recent interview with The Guardian.

“We’re after something bespoke,” says Joe Goddard, the other half of the duo, and better known for being a member of the Mercury prize-nominated band Hot Chip. “At the moment if I want to go to the loo I have to get completely undressed. And I can’t DJ with the head on as it’s impossible to see what I’m doing.”

Check out the teaser for “Work” below.

The 2 Bears “Work” from DFA Records on Vimeo.


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