Korn – “Dubstep Is The New Metal”

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Korn – “Dubstep Is The New Metal”

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis believes Dubstep is the future.

In a recent interview with MTV Hive, the veteran rocker post watching immanent Big Day Out tourer Nero – believed that Dubstep is “the future; it’s the new hip-hop, it’s the new metal, it’s the new everything.”

In reflection of the show Davis felt that “…That crowd went ten times harder than any metal crowd I’ve seen in my life.”

“I watched the show from the stage and it was like watching an old Gary Numan show. The way the whole production was set up. It was just so cool. Kids are picking up on it now because they’ve never seen anything like that before. I’m forty years old, I saw Gary Numan do the ‘80s and all the other acts from back then. How cool music was back then. This felt fresh and cool like the ‘80s. There are so many different sub-genres and shit going on.”

This follows Korn’s recent abomination “Narcissistic Canibal” that features two heavy-dance-weights Skrillex and Kill The Noise, combining the heavy rhythm lines of rock and the wobbly sounds of dubstep.

It’s obvious to see the comparison between the two for noise and intensity but if we really are seeing the future of music, count me out.

(via Faster Louder, MTV Hive)

‘The Path of Totality’ is due out next month.


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