The Aston Shuffle – Start Again EP

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The Aston Shuffle – Start Again EP

‘Start Again’ is the first EP, post the release of Aston Shuffles successful debut album ‘Seventeen Past Midnight’.

The track ‘Start Again’ played the role of upbeat starter in the album and stood apart with female vocals where as a lot of the other tracks featured auto tuned vocals from vance and mikah (The Aston Shuffle). This change up gave the track a different dynamic; with jammy synths and smooth kicks ‘Start Again’ is a fun sun-bathing-cross-club anthem waiting to happen!

And that it did, with remixes courtesy of a mainly OZ contingent Hook N Sling, Alexander Holland and part Jump Jump Dance Dance, with an additional lick from Amsterdam and Stoney Roads favourite Dem Slackers.

Hook N Sling adds a big room house flavour with a nothing but uplifting vibe.

The Aston Shuffle – Start Again [Hook N Sling Remix]


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