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Reviewing the same festival two years in a row is kind of how I imagine a primary school teacher must feel writing a report for a child they’ve taught for consecutive years. There’s a level of responsibility to both the child and it’s creators, you want to paint the praises, and acknowledge the improvements while making carefully worded suggestions for next year. 2013 marks the fifth year of Subsonic, so it is still very much of a primary school age, and with a hell of a lot to praise, noticeable improvements and a few suggestions up my sleeve, the metaphor is pretty appropriate (although I can’t imagine many elementary report cards come with the prerequisite that the author spends three days in the bush, covered in glitter and flitting between dimensions.)

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SubsonicStoney-56 SubsonicStoney-55 SubsonicStoney-54 SubsonicStoney-53 SubsonicStoney-52 SubsonicStoney-51 SubsonicStoney-50 SubsonicStoney-49 SubsonicStoney-48 SubsonicStoney-47 SubsonicStoney-46 SubsonicStoney-45 SubsonicStoney-44 SubsonicStoney-43 SubsonicStoney-42 SubsonicStoney-41 SubsonicStoney-40 SubsonicStoney-39 SubsonicStoney-38 SubsonicStoney-37 SubsonicStoney-36 SubsonicStoney-35 SubsonicStoney-34 SubsonicStoney-33 SubsonicStoney-32 SubsonicStoney-31 SubsonicStoney-30 SubsonicStoney-29 SubsonicStoney-28 SubsonicStoney-27 SubsonicStoney-26 SubsonicStoney-25 SubsonicStoney-24 SubsonicStoney-23 SubsonicStoney-22 SubsonicStoney-21 SubsonicStoney-20 SubsonicStoney-19 SubsonicStoney-18 SubsonicStoney-17 SubsonicStoney-16 SubsonicStoney-15 SubsonicStoney-14 SubsonicStoney-13 SubsonicStoney-12 SubsonicStoney-11 SubsonicStoney-10 SubsonicStoney-9 SubsonicStoney-8 SubsonicStoney-7 SubsonicStoney-6 SubsonicStoney-5 SubsonicStoney-4 SubsonicStoney-3 SubsonicStoney-2 SubsonicStoney-1


SubsonicStoney-82 SubsonicStoney-83 SubsonicStoney-84 SubsonicStoney-85 SubsonicStoney-86 SubsonicStoney-87 SubsonicStoney-88 SubsonicStoney-89 SubsonicStoney-90 SubsonicStoney-91 SubsonicStoney-57 SubsonicStoney-58 SubsonicStoney-59 SubsonicStoney-60 SubsonicStoney-61 SubsonicStoney-62 SubsonicStoney-63 SubsonicStoney-64 SubsonicStoney-65 SubsonicStoney-66 SubsonicStoney-67 SubsonicStoney-68 SubsonicStoney-69 SubsonicStoney-70 SubsonicStoney-71 SubsonicStoney-72 SubsonicStoney-73 SubsonicStoney-74 SubsonicStoney-75 SubsonicStoney-76 SubsonicStoney-77 SubsonicStoney-78 SubsonicStoney-79 SubsonicStoney-80 SubsonicStoney-81

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