Pacific Heights channels Mount Kimbie with spooky new single

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Pacific Heights channels Mount Kimbie with spooky new single

Off the back of his 2018 album ‘A Lost Light’, Pacific Heights has returned with a late night indie electronic jam dubbed ‘The Weight Of It’ featuring UK electronic legend Steve Spacek.

Real name Devin Abrams has had an expansive career over the last 20 years, most notably as a principal songwriter and producer for internationally successful New Zealand group, Shapeshifter. Under this alias, he helped to write unforgettable festival drum n bass and dance tracks like ‘Monarch‘, ‘In Colour‘ and ‘Electric Dream‘. Now, as Pacific Heights, his production delves deeply into crisp introspective ideas. I cannot help but draw a comparison to the likes of James Blake with the beauty in the subtleties of his music. A special mention to the bass in his most popular track to date, ‘Buried By The Burden ft. Louis Baker‘.

On the surface, ‘The Weight Of It’ is a song that’s a kin to what’s best described as future blues. It combines crisp ambient sounds, a broad and distant kick with spacey synths, lead by Steve Spacek’s deep and haunting vocals. It’s easy to imagine the music being complimented with scenes of a post apocalyptic world, showing off expansive images of nature taking over once bustling cities and towers.

As a part of the launch, Pacific Heights collaborated with well known photographer, director and designer Oskar Keys for a moody visualiser as seen below.

The new single is out on Warner Music and is the first taste of what is to be an eventual full length album from Pacific Heights.

For those looking to take a trip down memory lane, look no further than this beautiful ambient set done in 2016 titled ‘A Journey Into Stillness‘.


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