Sweat It Out! Co-Founder launches new indie label

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Sweat It Out! Co-Founder launches new indie label

Sweat It Out! Label co-founder and one half of Yolanda Be Cool, Matt Handley has launched a new indie label inspired by an LA psych-pop band he discovered.

Titled Sunset Mesa, the new label venture is working with their first signing SWIMM and their single, ‘Feel Better‘. The song lyrics follow the deeply intense story of a young LA woman who has fallen into the clinches of men in Hollywood, but offers her solace in the process of chasing her dream.

Responsible for helping launch the careers of artists including Rufus Du Sol, Crooked Colours and Winston Surfshirt, Matt went into detail on the new label venture:

“I’ve been much more based in the states for the last few years than I like to admit and with that, has come numerous opportunities to sign local acts and we’ve always talked about setting up a US based label to release US based acts but we really wanted to find that super special band to do it with….had to be something worth building a completely new label around and it was clear to me upon hearing this batch of demos that we are about to start unleashing…that SWIMM was the band to do it all with….4 of the sweetest, most talented, most hard working guys that i’ve had the pleasure of meeting (and they surf).”

Add to that, I just moved to a neighbourhood in Malibu called SUNSET MESA and it quite literally looks from the mountains down to the sea…It’s spectacular but at the same time…Encapsulates the feeling we are looking for in the music we want to release…

Or as the unofficial label slogan states… What would you sound like if you sat on a mountain all day looking out to the sea waiting for the sun to set and the night to take over…

There is SO much talent just in LA let alone California and we’re just super excited to see what the next 12 months brings……but right now…it’s all eyes on SWIMM as we really want them to be everyone’s new favourite band..because they sure are ours…and deservedly so….”


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