Listen to Four Tet’s latest bubbly single ‘Baby’

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Listen to Four Tet’s latest bubbly single ‘Baby’

First, you announce the album, then you release the new single, as it is for UK producer Kieran Hebden, better known globally as Four Tet.

The new single is indeed off his recently announced album ‘Sixteen Oceans’ that’ll feature 16-tracks in total including his newy dubbed ‘Baby’ which you can stream below.

What is it exactly? It’s very familiar, both in sound and scope with a peppering of bird sounds dusted around a chopped up vocal and warm synths for a four-minute ditty. Does that female vocal remind you of someone? Maybe that’s because it’s Ellie Gouldings.

How familiar does it sound? Well for curious listeners you’ll pick up the same sample early on in “baby” that’s been found in another of his tracks “Two Thousand and Seventeen” from 2017 – cool huh.

Anyways, the artwork checks out, the track checks out, so ahh… you’d better check it out!


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