Berlin techno institution releases dank perfume

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Berlin techno institution releases dank perfume

No we ain’t joking and yes, we’d probably grab one if we could with the announce that famed Berlin techno institution Tresor will roll out it’s own perfume.

Club owners at Tresor have linked up with cool scent detectors Holynose to create the perfume to be given out alongside the newly Russian translated copy of ‘Berlin, techno and the fall of the Wall’. So if you understand Russian (or not) and want to get your hands on a copy of the book + limited bottle of smell stuff, you need to be one of the first 300 to buy the newly translated novel.

To really capture the essence of the place, Holynose worked with regulars at the club to no joke, emulate the smell of Tresor’s dance floor. Something we’d imagine smells like sweat, amyl and anything else that was splayed across those heavenly grounds from it’s inception in 1991.

Never been? Dive into a POV walkthrough of the dense concrete basement and book your ticket to give it a nudge.


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