Drug Dogs sniffed out a copper at The Star casino and oh the irony

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Drug Dogs sniffed out a copper at The Star casino and oh the irony

It’s no surprise that people across NSW are witnessing a sustained drug dog campaign that seems to be growing weekly with Police and their canine friends being spotted at pubs and clubs all across Sydney as highlighted by the community driven Facebook group Sniff Off.

A classic example from the weekend was a picture from beloved entertainment district Kings Cross that pictured not one, not two, but nine police accompanying a single dog in the area. A quick look on the Sniff Off page and you would also see dogs were reportedly in Newtown, Camden, Miranda, Sutherland, Marrickville, Gymea and Penrith just on Saturday night.

Often you’ll see the same response under these updates and pictures asking when these sniffer dogs will take a visit to the Star City Casino. They have been exempt from the current lockout laws for the last five years, managing to be one of the few late night destinations that has been caught under reporting violence.

Well, guess what… This weekend, drug detection dogs were spotted at the Casino and you won’t believe who they arrested! (source: 7 News).

Was it a care-free youngster caught up on a night out? Nope, it was a 32-year old, off-duty senior constable who was found with a “small amount of cocaine” on him – oh the irony!

According to 7 News he was given a Future Court Attendance Notice for possessing a prohibited drug, and is expected to appear at Downing Centre Local Court next month.

That same weekend was one of the biggest drink driving blitz’s with NSW Police targeting the M1, M2, M4, M5, M7 and the Princes Highway, with over 75,000 breath tests conducted. The result? 260 drink driving infringements handed out 0.3% of those tested.

In some more positive news though, the State Government has announced they’ll be scrapping the archaic lockout laws later this year, so fuck yeah!


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