What So Not & Slumberjack have remixed The Presets

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What So Not & Slumberjack have remixed The Presets

What So Not and Slumberjack have teamed up to work together on one hell of a remix for The Presets and their 2018 hit ’14U+14ME’.

As a part of a post ‘Hi-Vis’ album release cycle, The Presets have brought together some exciting international and Aussie names to have a crack at their interpretation of songs from the album for a remix compilation called ‘No Viz’. Names include Nicky Night Time, AZARI, Happiness Is Wealth, What So Not, Slumberjack and more!

“We’ve been lucky enough to have some cracking remixes made for the singles from HI VIZ so we thought we’d bring the standouts together for one special release,” says Kim. “Turn off the lights and lose yourself to NO VIZ.” 

On the What So Not and Slumberjack remix Julian quotes: ‘Earlier in the year we teamed up with trap-lords What So Not and Slumberjack to thrash out this extremely special and very noisy edition of 14U+14ME.’ The remix combines plenty of tension and some bloody tough as nails bass drops that’ll make your brain fizzy. A contemporary trap anthem for party ragers.

To celebrate the new remix and compilation, The Presets have put out a trippy track visualiser to run alongside the special remix. Take a squizz below!


  1. 14U+14ME (What So Not & SLUMBERJACK Reset)
  2. Martini (Happiness Is Wealth Disco Remix)
  3. 14U+14ME (Marco Faraone’s D’n’B Snow Mix)
  4. Downtown Shutdown (Nicky Night Time Remix)
  5. Do What You Want (Dense & Pika Remix)
  6. Tools Down (AZARI Remix)


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