Lido teases new album before the end of the year

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Lido teases new album before the end of the year

Scandinavian pop and electronic man Lido has thrown beyond doubt that he’ll be putting an album in the coming months. Most famous for his work with the likes of Australia’s very own Alison Wonderland alongside singles, ‘Crazy’, ‘Problems’ and more, dance music fans will be wetting their lips in anticipation.

The biggest hint on the release being soon is when Lido took to social media to let fans know of his ‘Almost Peder’ North American tour in October. We’re assuming that ‘Peder’ is going to be the name of his album. Peder in Norwegian translates to ‘Therapists’. Full circle, we’re assuming ‘Almost Peder’ indicates a pre-album release tour.

Lido left a message on Instagram saying this:

We cannot wait for the new album! In the meantime, enjoy this classic 🙂


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