Four Tet shares melancholic new track “Dreamer”

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Four Tet shares melancholic new track “Dreamer”

It’s only been a hot minute since Four Tet dropped the enchanting single “Teenage Birdsong” as well as that Nelly Furtardo sampled “Only Human” cut and now we’ve got the other half of the EP with melancholic track “Dreamer” to round things out.

The UK producer has promised a new album before years end so this could very well be the bare bones of that or, a quick flush of the hot unreleased tracks folder we’re sure is on his desktop.

The track? Very similar to “Teenage Birdsong” with some punchy woodwind backed by some great snaps and head bopping baseline. All in all, very tidy and a great weapon for a mix…. or for what it feels like, Four Tet constantly evolving his own set.

Now, how do we get Four Tet back in Australia for a couple club shows?


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