Jai Paul is here with ‘Do You Love Her Now’ and ‘He’

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Jai Paul is here with ‘Do You Love Her Now’ and ‘He’

Ya’ll remember Jai Paul? Enigmatic electronic infused soul producer who dropped the single ‘Jasmine’ some years ago that broke the internet? Well it did and people wanted more but what came next, was nothing… for 6 years!

A big part of the originals influence was it kicked started a whole lot of interest in the sound that is still pushed today by the likes of Jamie XX, Mount Kimbie, Chrome Sparks, Maribou State and more – no small feat.

The good news is, a whole 6 years later we have not just one track but two out on XL Records, the original home of Jai’s work.

Pitchfork really did put it best by saying his music …’is a strutting demonstration of his quiet method of upending expectations’ with both ‘Do You Love Her Now’ and ‘He’ offering a brilliant, subdued but challenging soundscapes.

We wouldn’t be surprised if these were made way back then and were found on an old hard-drive or something.

As we’re unlikely to get any new music soon let alone a live performance savour these ultra chill tunes!


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