England’s shrimp are testing positive for cocaine and ketamine

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England’s shrimp are testing positive for cocaine and ketamine

It’s a headline that feels like it’s leading to a punchline of a joke, but we aren’t kidding when we say that British shrimp have ingested cocaine and ketamine.

Just north east of London in the country style location of Suffolk, King’s College researchers tested 15 different locations of Shrimp. What they found was surprising, considering the less urban geographic of the region. This has lead to a bigger question from Professor Nic Bury quoting to the BBC:

“Whether the presence of cocaine in aquatic animals is an issue for Suffolk, or more widespread an occurrence in the UK and abroad, awaits further research.”

The one thing that is clear, is the public are a lot more interested in understanding the level of pollution affecting the marine life and the challenge for cleaning it up alongside reducing the impact of climate change.

Back to the punch line of that joke. Now that these crustacean have developed an expensive habit, I heard they’re selling all their possessions at prawn shops to fund their next hit. (terrible)


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