David Attenborough wants you to remix his field recording

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David Attenborough wants you to remix his field recording

The man, legend and environmentalist Sir David Attenborough is not f*^ing around when he says that he wants you to remix his damn field recording.

Whilst gallivanting around the world 70 years ago to create his highly acclaimed album, ‘My Field Recordings From Across The Planet’, Attenborough visited a small Indonesian village. On his quest to find a Komodo dragon the village people played him gamelan music which he recorded and now wants you to remix. On the experience of hearing gamelan, he goes into detail saying,

“The villagers will sit down while the leader of the gamelan orchestra will convey his composition, teaching them, one at a time how to play… they then play this concerted music with extraordinary precision and real zest. So it is haunting music that you hear every night – or you did in those days, in the villages of Bali.”

The competition is open until 6pm on Monday June 10 2019. You’re required to download the track, ‘Gender Wayang’ and will have  to submit the remix via a private SoundCloud link. All competition info here. The winner will get to perform at the Songlines Music Award 2019.

The panel of people choosing the winning remix of course includes Sir David as well as the Gilles Peterson. Better get your creative hat on!


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