Jimothy Lacoste to play a one-off Sydney show

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Jimothy Lacoste to play a one-off Sydney show

London at it’s quietest time is a melting pot of business and activity with a somewhat common city wide struggle to life there. Take for instance the expensive cost of living, using the underground to get anywhere, cloudy weather, miserable winter or the constant chat about BREXIT. Enter Jimothy Lacoste, an enigmatic well dressed and at face value, law abiding citizen who’s successfully building a following thanks to his half glass full approach to this living.

Yes, Jimothy has taken observations from the largely unconscious side of London life and turned it into catchy uncomplicated spoken word raps people can relate to. With a penchant for dressing well, some hypnotising signature dance moves and clean living, Jimothy leaves you at first guessing whether it’s an act or not.┬áIf you’ve listen to his lyrics and read between the lines, Jimothy keeps up his appearance too in a way, assist in his unassuming passion for petty misdemeanour. Take for example his desire to graffiti his signature quote ‘LIGQE’ (Life Is Getting Quite Exciting) around London and so fourth.

Jimothy is a breath of fresh air for those who are looking to listen to things that buck musical trends. The music comes in on it’s own unique angle, achieving a fresh quality similar to what Die Antwoord achieved in their own weird way.

If you’re keen for a taste of Jimothy, he’s quietly popped into Sydney to support Rejjie Snow this Tuesday 30th of April.


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