Triple One’s go hard, and personal on their new track “Butter”

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Triple One’s go hard, and personal on their new track “Butter”

Off the back of their biggest single to date, “Showoff”, Triple one have returned with their most personal track, “Butter” and it’s an absolute hit. To say that the “three ones stole the game by surprise” (Marty) is now incorrect, with the boys now posting a track record that cements them as the new leaders of the Australian Hip Hop scene.
The best way to describe “Butter” or any Triple One song for that matter is personality. Dom’s back with another infectious, pop inspired hook. The chorus is the
chain that connects the two very introspective verses from Marty and Obi. While sometimes a Triple One track may be aggressive and ignorant, “Butter” is a humble reminder that the boys reach beyond the unfair stereotype of a 2010’s rap act.

Beneath the glossy production and catchy wordplay, is an extremely serious conversation about mental health. The subversion of this message under a seemingly catchy, commercial hip hop song is clever in its ability to attempt to make the conversation on mental health widespread, within the context of the “macho” bravado that surrounds Sydney’s rap scene. Marty touches on this attitude, speaking on the flaws of hiding his pain under “designer armour”.

It’s important not to ignore how critical Billy Gunns is in the crafting of this track. The low-lit synths, moody bass and drums are the centrepiece of this track, creating what is now known as the “Triple one sound”. In a piece for Spotify, Complex AU and Acclaim, Marty says “I want our sound to be singular, I want to look back 10 years from now and say this kind of has a triple one vibe”. “Butter” reinforces that Gunns is the mastermind behind this sonic direction, and is the keystone in the timeless vibe that Triple one seek to create.

The baton of Australian hip hop has now been passed. “Butter” is exactly what this scene needed. A thought provoking, fresh perspective on mental health, in the
format of a contemporary rap hit.

Don’t believe me?, here is what the people have had to say

Youtube, cpd comments, “billy fucking guns”
Instagram, bcjourdan_ comments, “this makes me want to cry”
f.orceful comments “your music is really inspiration especially when it comes to making art based on lyrics”
Facebook, Jarred Kennedy comments, “feels for days”
Triple J Unearthed, “How the heck do you write b2b hits? You think you’ve heard the best yet from Triple One until they follow it up with another best yet.”

Check out the video for their newest single “Butter” below.

Written by Parry Tritsiniotis


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