Sparrows shares party-drunk, hook-up song ‘Do U Wanna Dance?’

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Sparrows shares party-drunk, hook-up song ‘Do U Wanna Dance?’

Off the back of her highly acclaimed 2018 single ‘Over & Out’, Sparrows has returned with a late night indie dance party jam dubbed ‘Do U Wanna Dance?’.

The proud inner west dweller has stormed into the year off the back of plenty of JJJ play, lots of east coast headline shows and the cherry on top was a support tour across Australia with the one and only Kira Puru.

On the surface ‘Do U Wanna Dance?’ is a party jam based on hanging around a party in an attempt to hook up with ‘THAT’ crush. But if you look a little bit deeper into commentary of the lyrics, Sparrows explains, ” I know so many people, myself included, who struggle with social phobia and this song explores the notion of breaking through, owning your space and getting out of your comfort zone and being okay with it – “gotta try and let it go, this anxiety but the butterflies keep getting high in me”.

Overall, it’s a fun number that ebbs and flows with some freaky grooves + an ear worm chorus complimented by a shuffle and a spoken word style execution that draws you into active listening / dancing.


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