Some legend made a best of 2018 Australian dance music mix

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Some legend made a best of 2018 Australian dance music mix

Seems like every year is the best year ever for dance music in Australia but we’re pretty sure this re-cap of 2018 releases cements that title beyond doubt!

The mix-er Sandro Dallarmi is a consistent voice of the aus dance and electronic music scene heading up a show on FBi radio as well as the Aus Dance club group on Facebook as well as various other accolades including always being the tallest person at the club… so he’s got a pretty clear view of what was popping through last year.

His mix, bounces through it all with lavish cuts of electronically massaged hip-hop and beats from Miss Blanks, Kwame and Awwy to up-beat colourful slices of electronic goodness from Young Franco and Cosmo’s Midnight.

House and techno your thing? All is well with releases from Made in Paris, Willaris K and Mall Grab as well as club hitters from NLV, Rebel Yell, Nite Fleit and many, many more.

Sandro tells is best though dropping in the Soundcloud description;

Despite the sustained political pressure on dance music culture in Australia, we’re still making some of the most exciting club thumpers I’ve heard in my entire mf life!!

Over the last few years, a lot of scenes have splintered off into tiny niches and found strength on their own, but now it feels like we’re breaking into 2019 with a renewed attitude of cross-genre collaboration, and that makes me sososo excited to put out this mix.

We’ve got rappers coming up in clubs, indie pop stars teaming up with innovative dance producers, and a swelling resurgence of house and techno that’s been taking over the country’s warehouses and festivals. There are new parties and labels staking their claim, new artists levelling up and pushing to the front, and a new generation of club kids with their heads in their laptops, ready to push the next wave of music that we’re not ready for yet.

With all this in place, I think we’re gonna find something really special at the core of Australian dance music over the next few years. All we’ve gotta do is allow our huge diversity of ideas, philosophies and identities to overlap — kinda like they do in this mix.

You could probably get through the two hours and forty or so minutes in one sitting or revisit over and over as a lasting memory of some seriously simmering Australian music!

Miss Blanks – Good Good D (feat. Jia Lih)
Kwame – Wow
Clypso – Strange Behaviour (feat. Sophiegrophy)
Swick – Decisions (feat. Kota Banks)
Strict Face – Dial Fantasy
Yothu Yindi & Gavin Campbell – Treaty ’18 (feat. Baker Boy)
Aywy – Disco Dancer
Cabu – Crazy (feat. Love Mansuy)
Young Franco – Girls Don’t Cry (feat. Maribelle)
Cosmo’s Midnight – Get To Know (feat. Winston Surfshirt)
Jonny Reebok – You Don’t Need Flavors Bwoy
Dena Amy – Jol
Skin On Skin – My Sweetheart, In Loving Memory
Made In Paris – Reconnect
Willaris. K – Risen
Brux – In My Dreams
Human Movement – Uber Eats
Rüfüs Du Sol – Now You Want Me
Alta – Now You Want Me
Martin King – KTIDNYN
Scam – Tetra Crush (feat. Seyams)
Princi – FYI (prod. Atro)
Laces – You Need Me
Slumberjack – Solid (feat. Troyboi)
Godlands – Pleasures
Donatachi – In Love (feat. Rosebud Leach)
Fresh Hex – I’m Gone
Kota Banks – Child
Null – Innocence Module
Lucy Cliché – Heady Duet
Rebel Yell – Toxic
Mall Grab – Looking For Trouble
Nite Fleit – Little Friend
Tzekin – Chrome Tigerz (feat. Catarrh Nisin)
Slim Set – Cooked
Sortagoth – You’re Really Cool
Jensen Interceptor – Shadow Network
Kito – Pamplemousse (feat. Hudson Mohawke)
Feels – Cutiepie
Ninajirachi – Gardenia (feat. Oh Boy)
Nina Las Vegas – I Know How It Goes (feat. Ecca Vandal & Vera Blue)
Christopher Port – DTF
Zuri Akoko – Basement
DIN – Warm Up
BV – Monolith
Zefgirlclub – Faith In Lies
Grasps – Lasting Silence
Set Mo – Communicate
Anna Lunoe – Badass (feat. Born Dirty)
Ajax – I’m Hot
The Presets – Martini
Touch Sensitive – G.A.L. (feat. Daniel Wilson)
Collarbones – A.I.


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