Four Tet clears unexpected sample for next single

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Four Tet clears unexpected sample for next single

Four Tet dropped a big ole hint on Twitter that he’s going to release a track with a classic pop star’s vocal sample on it.

The notorious late night music maker has indicated that the song he’ll be pushing out this Friday March the 1st will contains a sample from Nelly Furtardo’s thirds studio album ‘Loose’ which was best know for singles including ‘I’m like a bird’ and ‘Maneater’. The album was also at the peak of Timbaland’s production career having had a heavy hand on almost every song on it.

So what can we expect? Who bloody know but we’re sure it’ll be a club thumping experimental action packed track. In the meantime, take a listen back to Four Tet’s mix at Funkhaus Berlin which was included in our 5 live electronic music album you must listen to¬†and a worthy read before he plays this years Days Like This Festival alongside Denis Sulta, Dixon, Dusky and plenty more.


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