5 ways to make your house party planet friendly

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5 ways to make your house party planet friendly

It’s 2019 and by now if you’re throwing a party at home it’s time to take some steps to make that sucker as friendly to the planet as possible because you bloody should!

Sure some of these ideas aren’t revolutionary but a handful are easy to forget after you’ve set up the facebook event page and invited all your mates so consider this as a bit of a checklist to make sure it’s one for the ages.

Check out 5 ways to make your party environmentally friendly!

1. Get creative with your party decor

Try avoid or ditch plastic decorations as it’ll probably get ripped down and end up in the bin the next day having served no purpose.¬†Get creative and have a look around your house, maybe hang some spare blankets or fairy lights and whack them around the party for different spaces/moods. Additionally head to the local thrift or vintage store and find some whacky gear that can be re-gifted to friends and family!

2. Get into the wilderness

Well, maybe not the wilderness wilderness but pushing the party into the backyard is surely a way to reconnect with mother earth while sucking back a couple brews and shuffling around to some house grooves. That or bring the wilderness inside turning your living room into a jungle rave.

3. Party bus

Ha… party buses but for reals encourage people to grab an Uber or ride in together. Nothing like a little pre-party banter and when you’ve got a group of 4-5 rolling in at the same time it really helps ramp things up.

4. Go local for any food and drink

Support your community, good way to show off your local brews and bites as well. Might even encourage a couple of your mates to move into the neighbourhood!

5. Get the bin sitch sorted at the start of the night 

Like anyone, it’s all or nothing when you’re in party mode and likely the next day you’re going to feel like butt so best to prep your waste situation so the clean up is as easy as one, two, three and not fishing crap out of the garden. Sure you might not catch everything but it’ll make it a hell of a lot easier for a very dusty Sunday and getting back to the couch.

Why the push to be planet friendly? We’ve seen some brands taking a few steps forward including 42 Below who have been getting around re-usable straws and going big on the recycling front so your partying ways leave only foot prints on the dance floor. So if you like Vodka and also keeping this place neat and tidy, throw them a like!


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