elrow has set the standard for sick parties and here’s why

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elrow has set the standard for sick parties and here’s why

There aren’t a lot of brands that have the reputation of elrow. Renowned for its iconic event design that looks to do more than take you to another club night, the event, now 8 years old, transports you to a fantasy dimension. Enhancing the music and surroundings by creating a vibe that’s completely unique and genuinely unparalleled.

It’s a bit flashy and a bit hedonistic but there’s more than meets the eye to this internationally renowned phenomenon. Simply put, elrow is single handedly one of the most important institutions in Global nightlife right now and we’re here to tell you why.

It’s focussed on the punters not the DJ

Most party’s you go to in the world are the same, a big hall or d-floor with lasers and a show from behind a figure made out to be a god AKA the DJ. elrow directors have made a point of creating more of a big party, instead of a concert.

A lot of clubs could take a leaf out of this book. Events are there to be enjoyed by the party-goer. You go for the experience that the music is there to enhance, you don’t go along to ogle at the DJ for 6 hours. In saying that, they don’t skimp out on talent to headline their shows, notably their upcoming Aussie shows have John Digweed in the driver’s seat. << unfortunately John Digweed has cancelled due to sickness but Fisher has replaced him for the Sydney leg and Melbourne leg.

Unrivalled props

Following on from the theme of not worshipping the DJ, the crew at elrow have thousands of costumes and props littered worldwide ready for their regularly held events. They use these to create a separate world, through unique themes, to level up the visual and physical dimensions, when events say that they offer a truly immersive experience, this is what they should be providing.

The props are also used to accompany the employed performers and different ongoing interactions throughout the venue that split your focus between all the encompassing elements of the party. From stilt walkers and puppets to next level animations and confetti, their prop game has an unrivalled hold on the nightlife market, with no one really stepping up to challenge them.

They’re in it for the right reason

The electronic music industry is one that chews up and spits out a lot who enter. The nightlife sector is a cruel mistress sometimes, and those that come in with a purely profit based MO are often left in the dust. These guys have a history in the industry spanning as far back as 1870. elrow creators’ great-great-great-great-grandfather José Satorres set the whole thing into motion opening the first social club in Fraga, Spain: the Café Josepet in 1870.

From humble beginnings as a Spanish family that wanted to increase social activity in an old town, the current day iteration of elrow follows the vibe of bringing together people socially, only on a much grander scale. As people who have been in the industry for so long, it’s easy to see the passion they hold for dance music, events and everything they do!

In addition to the absolute experience that elrow strive to create through an unrivalled prop game, expert vibe curation and huge passion for the scene, they book some of the world’s biggest DJs. Don’t believe us? Peep the lineup for their upcoming Aussie events below.

If you haven’t ever been to an elrow event it’s a do before you die experience, check out the events here(Sydney) and here(Melbourne). You can grab tickets to Sydney here and Melbourne here!

John Digweed << Cancelled due to sickness, has been replaced by Fisher for the Sydney and Melbourne shows
Tony Varga
Tini Glesser
Kevin Knapp
B Traits
Spektrum DJs


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