Watch this doco on the Palestinian Underground dance movement

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Watch this doco on the Palestinian Underground dance movement

As a Sydney-sider I know we like to think that we’ve got it tough and make up for our draconian nightlife laws by throwing sick underground parties in warehouses, bunkers and the likes.

However a video was just put out that puts our cushy night life into perspective and makes our not so easily accessible, slightly off the beaten path parties look like school discos.

As per the documentary, Palestine Underground, the Palestinian underground dance movement is on another level and the scenes and stories create a vision of camaraderie, connection and refuge through music.

The doco speaks for itself and puts things into a larger perspective. A bit of information on the power of music and a bit of background on why these guys are doing what they’re doing.

It’s plain to see the benefits this sort of community has as a whole, but really you’ve just got to watch the video, so check it out below and shoot us your thoughts!


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