Kaytranada just dropped a mother flippin’ EP!

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Kaytranada just dropped a mother flippin’ EP!

Kaytranada has just dropped a brand new EP featuring 3 choice instrumental tunes and 2 vocal tracks featuring artists you’ve definitely heard before.

The man who’s remixed the likes of Anderson Paak. dropped tracks including Nothin Like U that features prolific rapper Ty Dolla $ign and leans more towards that beatsy rap R’n’B vibe with an almost early 2000s throwback feel. However it still remains distinctly futuristic retaining in its Kaytranada style production.

Chances enlists Shay Lia who has featured a number of times throughout the years as a Kaytra enlist. The vocals once again feel very early 2000s. The whole EP somehow gives that sort of a vibe, but that doesn’t detract from the absolute groove that lies underneath the vocal track.

As the saying goes, all Kaytra is good Kaytra (who could forget his incredible music video for ‘Lite Spots’) and this EP does not disappoint, check it out fully below or on Spotify and tell us how you feel about it!


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