Friday Mix: Solid Steel Radio Show – DJ Haus

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Friday Mix: Solid Steel Radio Show – DJ Haus

If you haven’t heard of DJ Haus then you better get onto him ASAP. As the man behind several polarising labels and the orchestrator of humorous yet infectious club tracks, DJ Haus has steadily built up a vast back catalogue both as a solo artist as well as with his former music project Hot City. 

His Solid Steel Radio mix for Ninja Tune showcases exactly the kind of vibe DJ Haus is all about, consisting of off kilter electro and house tracks and quirky tongue-in-cheek club numbers. In a jam packed hour of pure gems, the dance oddball compiles together tracks from his own label Unknown To The Unknown as well as classics from the likes of D.H.S, Luca Lozano, DJ Crea, DJ Boring and Project Pablo. 

Be sure to check out his Solid Steel mix below and immerse yourself in the surreal synthetic world of Haus.


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