Four Tet has just released another live recording

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Four Tet has just released another live recording

Four Tet doesn’t need much introduction: his name carries weight with it and now his new live album treats us to a release of 9¬†scintillating live tracks.

Vinyl whispers and high echoing synthesized sounds greet us in the track¬†Ba Teaches Yoga. We are then graced with more melodic instruments of increasing randomness in Jupiter, which then does not hold back in the heavy percussion introduced a third of the way through the song. A finely selected combination of ever increasing industrial tunes lead you to crowd pleasers Unicorn and Parrelel Jalebi, with the busy track Pyramid¬†thrown in between the two songs, so you don’t leave your garage loving guard down.

The mix was originally taken down from being on Soundcloud as part of his Beautiful Rewind album. It comes after a recent similar release of his Funkhaus Berlin was put out for listeners.

Have a listen below and let us know how you’ve enjoyed the live releases.


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