Club label legends Sweat It Out are releasing a 10 year anniversary vinyl

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Club label legends Sweat It Out are releasing a 10 year anniversary vinyl

There’s no denying the contribution the Sweat It Out label has had on the local and global music scene and what better way to celebrate than to release a new vinyl release paying tribute to founder and DJ god AJAX.

Sydney DJ AJAX was instrumental in its origins and provides on-going inspiration for the label we’ve come to know today and the bucket load of talent that has been released is a testament to that. With the amount of releases ticking over a cool 217 the team have been hard at work and this 10th anniversary release is an opportunity to highlight some of the most memorable originals and remixes on the label.

What the first side of the vinyl will deliver on is the older tracks that were likely a result of AJAX himself. You will be treated to an unreleased track from him I’m Hot, which is a major throwback to the genres and sounds that started the label. Also included will be the last promo piece from AJAX, in the form of a vinyl booklet, on the release of Parachute Youth and their unforgettable track, Can’t Get Better Than This, which was the second track to go global – the first being, We No Speak No Americano, by Yolanda Be Cool.

The other sides will see some of the later and bigger releases Sweat It Out has had to offer, with features from RÜFÜS DU SOL and Motez alongside some of the local heavy hitters like Dom Dolla and Go Freek and let’s not forget that What So Not was once a part of the crew as well!

The vinyl is set to be released Friday the 2nd of November but you can pre-order it here. In the meantime check out the trailer below, peep the stacked tracklist and get hyped for the electro throwback goodness to come!


1. Ajax – I’m Hot (Mixed)
2. Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows (Ajax Remix) (Mixed)
3. Twinsy – Back Of My Car (Mixed)
4. Northbrook – Move Your Body (Ajax Remix) (Mixed)
5. Gameboy Gamegirl – Sweaty Wet / Dirty Damp (Mixed)
6. Monkey Safari – Those Dancing Days (Mixed)
7. Danny T – Mean Baby (Mixed)
8. What So Not – 7 Dollar Bill (Mixed)
9. Rüfüs – Take Me (Mixed)
10. Parachute Youth – Can’t Get Better Than This
11. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – Soul Makossa (Money) (Mixed)
12. Indian Summer – Grand Rapids (Mixed)
13. Crooked Colours – Come Down (Mixed)
14. Dom Dolla & Go Freek – Define (Mixed)
15. Motez – Promise Me (Mixed)
16. What So Not Jaguar (Mixed)


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