Check the best Boiler Room x Dekmantel sets of 2018

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Check the best Boiler Room x Dekmantel sets of 2018

The Boiler Room x Dekmantel vids came out over the weekend and there were some red hot sets in there. While the highlight was quite obviously Carista (anyone who says otherwise is wrong) all 15 videos provided absolute quality content, but if you’re a little time poor, here are the top 5 we think you should check out and why

1.  Carista (Disco/House/Funky sounds)

Look we’ve already told you, so don’t make us say it again. Carista hit it out of the ballpark with this one, a super sweet blend of disco, house and some more techy sounds, she exuded an energy and happiness without being overbearing and in your face, she made it about the music and we appreciate that! We’re excited to see a lot more from her in the future!


2.  Tom Trago (Live)

Tom Trago isn’t a surprise here. His live set is full of cosmic sounds that are a beautiful blend of electronica that is super danceable. His show is polished and shows a mastery of instruments, machines that backs up his vast sonic knowledge. His set tells a story and pulls you along for the ride, so strap in and get ready.

3. Danny Daze (House/Techno/Breaks)

Our favourite thing about Danny Daze isn’t just his track selection, which you don’t need to be an aficionado to know is absolutely on point, it’s his absolute mastery of the mixer. Making full advantage of the Pioneer’s range of built in effects, he blends and distorts tracks in a way that makes every track unique yet not ruined. His blending and teasing of tracks creates suspense and build ups


4. Elena Combi (Industrial/Dungeon Techno)

Elena Combi‘s set might not be to everyone’s taste, but it was by and large the most diverse of the bunch. A bass heavy mix of sounds that traversed genres others wouldn’t dare to touch. On top of that it did all this while retaining a single theme, one of the Youtube commenters called it ‘dungeon techno’ and you can see why. Chock full of industrial sounds it’s not for the light hearted, listen at your own risk!

5. Tangerine Dream (Live/Ambient Electronica)

Tangerine Dream are absolute synth gods and there’s no denying that their part in the Dekmantel’s opening festival was amazing. It’s hard to explain what specifically it is, but there’s an intensity in the sound and production that was unrivalled at the festival and when you put into consideration the technical prowess needed for it, you realise that we have something truly special.

Special Mentions have to Identified Patient for making a point of lighting his own dart mid set and David Vunk for being visibly cooked.


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