Amyl might soon be banned in Australia thanks to the TGA

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Amyl might soon be banned in Australia thanks to the TGA

In another example of overreach amyl could soon be classified as a Type A drug alongside heroin if an amendment is pushed forward by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) according to The Star Observer.

In short, if you’re caught in possession or selling a bottle of poppers, you could be facing a criminal charge that would sit on your record for a long, long time.

For those scratching their heads as to what amyl nitrate is and does, the Therapeutic Goods Administration have given it a fairly technical rundown in saying the “risks [of amyl] include illicit use for euphoric and muscle relaxant effects, adverse events including maculopathy and methaemoglobinaemia.”

For those wanting the TL;DR, it makes you feel good for a short amount of time and for those inclined or curious helps with the relaxation of your behind when attempting sexual intercourse but the gov wants to essentially ban it.

While there are risks, the actual amount of recorded instances of harm or death are little to none in the past 50 or so years and one theory presents itself as targeting the LGBTI community who are more common users and already face many stigmatisation’s.

Those wanting to add their 2c to the discussion can head to the TGA website and follow instructions in how to send a submission, in the meantime though, check out Drugslabs take on poppers.


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