Ninajirachi releases dreamy new track ‘Pathetic’ ft. Naah

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Ninajirachi releases dreamy new track ‘Pathetic’ ft. Naah

Ninajirachi is more than just one to watch,  as a Liveschool alumni she’s been making waves through a slew of killer releases, collaborations and now finally she’s put out her first single through Nina Las Vegas’ imprint, NLV Records. 

Her latest Pathetic is a dream-filled soundscape, that’s littered with crystalline sounds and teardrop feels. Utilising Naah‘s vocals she creates a world that’s somewhere between sad boi and contentedness. I find myself torn on how to describe this track, because it creates something of a pop feel, but not how you know it. It’s so much more and honestly just deserves a listen so you can tell for yourself. Genres are dumb anyway, right?

Check it out below and tell us what you think, there’s a reason we can’t stop writing about her!


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