Maribou State tease what’s to come with ‘Nervous Tics’ ft. Holly Walker

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Maribou State tease what’s to come with ‘Nervous Tics’ ft. Holly Walker

If alike us you’ve had Maribou State’s Khrungbin collaboration Feel Good on repeat, you’ll sure as heck love this new track from the UK duo, Nervous Tic ft. Holly Walker

With tracks like Steal and Midas reaping in huge success and plays hitting the double digit-millions, it’d be a crime not to team up with the pure magic behind the vocals, Holly Walker. Maribou State have again produced a stellar track to add to the list drawing on their classic basslines, oh-so-smooth and delectable.

Let’s not pretend we aren’t relating wholeheartedly to the meaning behind the track – it’s one that focuses on the fact that sometimes we can get so consumed in this tech age and constant shock factor news being fed to us that we forget we’re just human beings. It’s one of contemplation and realisation that it’s okay to share emotions with the people around you.

From the words of the vocalist herself “…no amount of mindful breathing or downward dog can replace some good old fashioned human contact and emotion” 

Get real with yourself. Listen to Nervous Tics ahead of the new album Kingdoms In Colour set to release September 7!


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