David August is releasing a new album in October

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David August is releasing a new album in October

David August has revealed he is releasing a new album come October 5th, via PIAS.

Titled D’Angelo, this will be the third album from the enigmatic German producer, whose unique take on electronica has been carved out in the way of previous albums such as the 2013’sĀ Times and more recently his ambient inspired releaseĀ DCXXXIX A.C. from earlier this year.

The announcement of his new album comes paired with the first release and title track as well as a stacked European tour. Listen to D’Angelo and take a geez at the tracklisting.

01. Narciso
02. D’Angelo
03. 33Chants
04. Florence
05. The Life Of Merisi
06. Elysian Fields
07. True Heart

Pre-order the album here.


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