The Presets drop new single and lock in album release date!

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The Presets drop new single and lock in album release date!

The Presets have dropped the third single from their forthcoming album, in the way of the visually stellar ‘Downtown Shutdown’.

Off the back of two massive cuts, ‘Do What You Want’ and ’14U+14ME’, the Sydney pair tone things down a little more with this one, taking a more pop friendly approach while still ensuring their renowned, hard-hitting take on electro-pop shines through. The track comes paired with a music video, directed by Kris Moyes, the brains behind the timeless music video for ‘My People’ and the resemblance here is uncanny. In fact, there is more to that resemblance than you might have guessed.

Speaking on the release, Julian Hamilton says “These lyrics had been bouncing around in my head for ages”

“I remember seeing footage of the Occupy Wall Street protests years ago and feeling inspired at how passionate humans can literally shut down a city. I always figured the words “Downtown Shutdown” would eventually be set to a more late-night, aggressive, banging Presets track like “My People” but fortunately Kim had the idea of taking it in pretty much the opposite direction.”

“I thought some of those protests actually felt more like celebrations”, explains Kim Moyes, “so I wanted a feel-good, Sunday afternoon, street party vibe for this one. We dug into a lot of 80’s New York block party and disco music – things like The Sugarhill Gang, Was (Not Was), Baby Oliver’s Primetime, and especially Malcom McLaren’s “Duck Rock” album. We loved the feel of that record, the way McLaren fused Hip Hop beats with Latin American music and the beautiful Soweto choir.”

On top of this, the guys have cemented the release date for their ‘HI VIZ’ album, which is June 1st. Pre-order ‘HI VIZ’ here and check the music video for ‘Downtown Shutdown’ below.


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