Remember the petition for a Flume statue? It got approved!

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Remember the petition for a Flume statue? It got approved!

After months of waiting, the proposal for a statue of Flume to be erected on Manly wharf has been given the green light.

The petition first came about when a fellow named Joseph Smith got in contact with Stoney Roads, in hopes to share the campaign with a broader audience. After thousands of signatures, a few in-depth meetings between Manly/Warringah Council and Future Classic, the statue has been confirmed and is set to be drawn up in the coming weeks.

A spokesperson from the council spoke with us directly this morning, confirming the proposal was accepted and even sharing details on the structure itself. “We are immensely excited to immortalise Flume in our sun kissed suburb of Manly, his home” they explained.  “We think the locals will agree that this is the best way to spend their tax money!”

They added that “We have enlisted the best of the best to build the 8-foot statue, as the last thing we want is another Cristiano Ronaldo sitch.”

”In terms of what pose the statue will be built in, it’s always a lot easier with sports stars. We have decided on a shortlist of potential poses; the GRAMMY acceptance pose, the studio session pose, or -my favourite- the kicking back pose (image provided), perhaps after finishing off a juicy new track… we may even take the decision making process to the public for this one”.

There is no cement date as to when we can expect the statue to be unveiled, but we will keep you updated as we learn more. Oh, and, once again, happy April 1st!



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