The Presets have gifted us with their private playlists!

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The Presets have gifted us with their private playlists!

The Presets have graced us with an insight into their own favourite tracks in the way of two personalised playlists.

Off the back of two monster singles, ‘Do What You Want’ and ’14U+14ME’, that marked a much needed return from the Sydney duo, The Presets have decided to give us all a taste of what they listen too when they’re at leisure. As you can imagine, they have great taste.

Speaking on their playlists, they write “Sometimes, when we’re not knuckled down in the studio creating our own mind-altering acid jerks we actually like to chill out and listen to other people’s music. Here are a couple of collections of tunes we dig – some new things, some old stuff – music we like to hang with when we’re not focused on the music we are creating. Happy listening.”

Listen to both playlists below.

Jules’ Playlist

Kim’s Playlist


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