Kaytranada and MF Doom join forces for Bishop Nehru’s new project

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Kaytranada and MF Doom join forces for Bishop Nehru’s new project

Kaytranada has linked up with the legendary MF Doom to produce the bulk of up-rising rapper Bishop Nehru’s new project ‘Elevators: Act I & II’.

The 12-track project is the first release of the year from the young MC, and the input from Kaytranada and MF Doom is clear for the get-go.

Pairing vicious lyricism with forward thinking music production, Nehru’s ‘Elevators: Act I and II’ is a breath of fresh air into the hip-hop world, and shows an exciting potential from Nehru, particularly if he keeps himself aligned with the likes of Kaytranada and MF Doom.

Speaking on the album, Nehru says “This project is a collection of my feelings straight from my heart, all of my ideas were created specifically off of instinct and intuitive occurrences. This album is my answer to the question, ‘What would you say your music sound like?’ My answer to that would be ‘Grammy Rap.’ There’s ‘Mumble Rap’ and then there’s ‘Grammy Rap.’ With this project I was largely influenced by music theory and Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. This is my attempt at a ‘rap’ Pet Sounds.”

Listen to ‘Elevators: Act I and II’ below and enjoy.


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