10 near perfect Boiler Room sets from the past year

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10 near perfect Boiler Room sets from the past year

Lead images via Ellen Richardson & Boiler Room

Boiler Room is, for most of us anyway, an escape from whatever mundane day-to-day activities you churn through.

Whether you stream it live or wait earnestly for the re-upload, Boiler Room is undoubtedly the number one platform for dance music mixes and sets and over the past 12-months we’ve been blessed with some biggies.

From OR:LA’s finely crafted house set from AVA Festival to Lunice’s high-energy, bass hungry effort at Appelsap, the past year has provided a vast and varied culmination of electronic music’s finest – be it popular artists and new-comers.

We have gone back through Boiler Room’s 2017-18 archive and carefully selected our 10 favourite sets. Whether you prefer streaming Boiler Room for exercise, while at work or simply just leisure listening, you’re bound to find something that hits the spot here.

Honey Dijon
Sugar Mountain, 2018
I think it’s safe to say that Honey Dijon is up there as one the best selectors going around right now and this is clear proof.

Jamie xx
Reykjavik, 2017
Jamie never disappoints when it comes to Boiler Room. Once again showcasing his impeccable taste and curation.

Volvox b2b UMFANG
Dekmantel, 2017
Dekmantel provides a lot of heat last year, with Volvox and UMFANG arguably providing the most fire out of the lot!

AVA Festival, 2017
One of our favourite sets over the past year with huge replay value.

London, 2017
This guy oozes talent in his production and that certainly bleeds into his set.

Budweiser Bogotá Live Set, 2017
The debut Boiler Room from the electronic music legend and it does not disappoint. The visuals are insane as well!

Appelsap Festival, 2017
Lunice always brings the energy and if this doesn’t get your hyped I’m not sure what will.

T2 Launch Berlin, 2017
The Drum’n’Bass lord himself going in with some nostalgic jams from the 90s.

New York, 2017
House meets hip-hop in a quirky and defined fashion. The first of what will surely be many Boiler Room visits from the NYC local.

Ross From Friends
London, 2017
You can really see how much fun these guys are having during this set and it translates in the music.


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