Tkay Maidza partners with Hoodboi on smooth new track ‘Glide’

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Tkay Maidza partners with Hoodboi on smooth new track ‘Glide’

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Following a quality back catalogue of chrome plated releases such as ‘Closer’ and the ‘Palm Reader’ EP, Los Angeles based Hoodboi returns with a seductive new single ‘Glide’ featuring Sydney’s very own young talent Tkay Maidza. Striving for a warmer, more blissful groove, ‘Glide’ sees Hoodboi exploring a whole new sonic space within the realms of contemporary R&B, with a sound palette likened to that of the Soulection crew whilst bearing the bouncy garage rhythms of Todd Edwards. 

Beginning with a driving rhythm topped by a soulful set of chords laying the foundations for Tkay’s lyrical magic, the track rolls into an effortless bumpy groove coupled with dreamy vocals, making for an irresistible chorus. The track then crosses over into low end territory, being stripped back to vocals, drums and 808s before trailing off into the chorus for a second time before dispersing into the breakdown. Whilst Hoodboi has previously been known for his futuristic sonic landscapes, ‘Glide’ leans very much in an early 2000s R&B direction whilst also giving just as many nods towards the current landscape of underground dance music.

Hoodboi spoke on his new musical direction saying “Last year, I took a couple steps back to realize what’s next for the Hoodboi project. I spent the year writing music and working on new projects. I’ve never been more excited to show what’s next.”

‘Glide’ is out now via Fools Gold Records. Listen below.


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