SebastiAn makes triumphant return with a huge new remix

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SebastiAn makes triumphant return with a huge new remix

SebastiAn… That’s a name we don’t get to say too often. Aside from a few offerings here and there including the Ed Banger compilation for 2017; the esteemed, Parisian artist has been laying very low for the better part of the last 5-years, but he is back and I can confirm we were NOT ready.

Tweaking Charlotte Gainsbourg’s ‘A-Ring O’Roses’ into an 80s influenced, brooding cut that is dripping with nostalgic synth-pop touches, SebastiAn proves he is not only back but has been working away in the shadows, up-keeping his sheer talent in crafting an honest, unadulterated dance track.

Interestingly enough, the track in question was originally produced by SebastiAn last year, the opening song on Gainsbourg’s 2017 album ‘Rest’.

Listen to SebastiAn’s ‘On The Beat’ remix of ‘A-Ring O’Roses’ below.


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