Nicolas Jaar samples Kanye on new, 11-track project

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Nicolas Jaar samples Kanye on new, 11-track project

Image via Timothy Norris

Chilean producer Nicolas Jaar discreetly shared an album length project last week, under the guise A.A.L. (Against All Logic).

Titled 2012-2017, the album is made up of previously unreleased tracks from Jaar’s deep catalogue, including a track that samples none other than Kanye West. The track ‘Such A Bad Way’ uses the familiar line from Yeezy’s ‘I Am A God’, a cut from from his 2013 album ‘Yeezus’.

Overall, the 11-track album is an exciting listen for any Nico Jaar fan; blending lush electronica with dark, experimental soundscapes throughout it’s entirety – standard practise for Jaar, really.

Listen to ‘2012-2017′ in full below.

(Via: Fader)


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