Premiere: Failr and Lover team up for blissful collab ‘What Does It Take’

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Premiere: Failr and Lover team up for blissful collab ‘What Does It Take’

Sydney producer Failr has teamed up with Lover for “The perfect end-of-summer dance track”.

Titled “What Does It Take”, the tune is a polyphonic meditation on love and loss, desire and despair, that will leave you longing.

The unblemished minimal jam, takes the listener far away from their surroundings, fully encompassing them within a swoon of emotions.

Over the last year, Failr has released two EP’s and several singles, prolific to say the least. The reward thus far has been acclaim and support from local radio stations, international blogs, and YouTube channels.

Failr has performed his incredibly dynamic and vigorous sets alongside acts such as GRMM, Milwaukee Banks and Hounded. A far cry away from “What Does It Take”, encompassing his liquid like state, straying away from his typical sound, equating in a more emotional electronic experience.

Supplying the vocals of the track is Lover, the new project of Bee Virginia, a Triple J “Unearthed” artist who recently released the alluring and enchanting dance track, “Blood.”

Lover is a saucy blend of thick R&B textures and the unique lush vocals of Bee Virginia. The haunting, lingering lyrics, layered , laminous vocals, and polished beat of “What Does It Take” come together to create the perfect end-of-summer dance track that will stay with you as the heat of summer fades.


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