Wax Motif returns with a bangin’, club-ready EP

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Wax Motif returns with a bangin’, club-ready EP

Sydney dance legend Wax Motif has returned to grace our club dancefloors with 2 pumping track with as much energy as the next. It’s 10 minutes of pure dance ecstasy. Gaining recognition from the likes of Diplo, A-Track and GTA, as well as being a notable contributor to the G-house movement which allowed him to collaborate in the circles of Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign and even Warren G, Wax Motif has a lot of reasons to have ears on him.

The beats are driving and the bass is thumping. These two tracks pump just as strongly as each other, back to back dance floor action, it’s wild. But it’s not too flashy or blaring for the headphones, it’s a rather easy listen just as is. It’s more low-key than other straight dance releases that are meant strictly for the club. The drops are certainly there and they’re pretty powerful, but not to crazy and are a pleasing addition that helps the tracks progress naturally. The first track ‘Forsaken’ has these intense choral vocal harmonies that add a nice texture and provide melody to the bass-driven, kick-thumping house beat. While the drop is super rhythmic and grooving allowing it to be enjoyed in any context rather than just at a warehouse show.

Wax Motif will be playing at The MET this weekend, so don’t miss these tracks fill up the floor in live action!


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