So, Triple M is having their own hottest 100 on Aus Day…

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So, Triple M is having their own hottest 100 on Aus Day…

Today in news you cannot help but sigh over, the other ‘triple’ radio station has revealed plans to host their own hottest 100 countdown on Australia.

Following triple j‘s decision to change their countdown date from January 26 to the fourth Saturday of January, Triple M have decided to celebrate their own way with a music countdown on Australia Day dubbed ‘Ozzfest 100’.

In an email to subscribers, a spokesperson from Triple M wrote: “So, the taxpayer funded FM has decided that there’ll be no soundtrack for Australia Day. Let’s face it, that’s usually full of hipsters or kids making music on a Mac. At Triple M, we’re going to give you what you’ve asked for. The perfect Australia Day soundtrack.”

Ok, Triple M. Have fun with that. When Australia’s youth (who voted to change the Hottest 100 countdown date) don’t come a-listening, consider this the reason why.

In related news, some dude made a website predicting the triple j Hottest 100 and it seems pretty damn feasible. Suss it out here.



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