Could this be Australia’s next summer house hit?

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Could this be Australia’s next summer house hit?

Australia has no shortage of budding house talent at the moment. It’s small wonder why we haven’t featured 21 year old Melbourne producer JAMO┬ábefore, considering how many headline shows and festivals he’s performed at. As someone who’s seen his DJ sets in person, JAMO brings a brilliant energy to his performances, whilst maintaining total and professional control over the decks. Not many artists of his age group can stand up the caliber that JAMO is bringing. To top off this list of accolades, he’s a totally self taught producer. Not bad right for someone who’s only 21.

His production works put a focus on feel good vibes, lush synthesiser sounds, but most importantly showcasing vocal talents that provide his tracks with summer soul. JAMO grew up and has lived down on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsular by the coast all his life, and so the beach works is way into his tracks as another source of inspiration.

His latest work, which is also he debut release, title ‘S.O.S’ embodies all of which is mentioned above. Check it out below and judge for yourself, because ‘S.O.S‘ could just be your next summer hit track.


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